Publish Date: 02.02.2023

Category: News from the University

Objavljen je razpis za predstavnico oz. predstavnika v Študentskem svetu EUTOPIA

The call is open for students of the University of Ljubljana currently pursuing a master's degree who wish to represent the University of Ljubljana and its students in the EUTOPIA alliance, gain international and inter-cultural experiences and are fluent in English language.

The purpose of the call is to ensure the representation of the University of Ljubljana in the EUTOPIA Student Council, involve students of the University of Ljubljana in EUTOPIA activities and fulfill the vision of the EUTOPIA MORE project. Applications are open until15 February 2023, inclusive.  

One of the essential groups co-creating the EUTOPIA alliance are students who lead the central student structure of EUTOPIA alliance, the EUTOPIA Student Council, whose main purpose is to critically reflect and provide propositions for the improvement of higher education space of its members.

With the aim of ensuring a higher level of representativeness, the EUTOPIA Student Council has decided to expand its membership, meaning that each member of the alliance will appoint two representatives to the Student Council - a representative on a Bachelor’s as well as Master's level of studies.

Duties of EUTOPIA Student Council representatives are:  

  • representing the interests and views of students;
  • participation in organisation and implementation of events and activities in the international environment;
  • cooperating with other representatives of the EUTOPIA Student Council;
  • digital participation in the monthly meetings of the EUTOPIA Student Council;
  • preparation of a report on the activities of the EUTOPIA Student Council;
  • participation in the EUTOPIA Week, organised every 6 months by one of the EUTOPIA members;
  • and other ongoing duties. 

Participation in the EUTOPIA Student Council offers you:  

  • international engagement and participation in a range of activities organised at ten European universities;
  • insight into the international EUTOPIA MORE project, approved and funded by the European Commission;
  • co-creation of one of Europe's most important university alliances;
  • learning about the university system of other EUTOPIA members;
  • acquiring organisational skills;
  • intercultural and interuniversity exchange of experiences and best practices;
  • networking in an international environment;
  • participation in the EUTOPIA Week at one of EUTOPIA partner universities.

Becoming a representative in the EUTOPIA Student Council is a great opportunity to engage in a vibrant international environment and to participate in an engaged community of European Universities.

The contact details for submitting your application and potential questions, the application form and all other information regarding the call are available in the attached document.

You are kindly invited to apply. 

EUTOPIA alliance is a learning and research community of European universities established to actively participate in the creation and renewal of the Common Higher Education Area. 

Together with the University of Ljubljana, the EUTOPIA alliance consists of ten universities: The Pompeu Fabra University-Barcelona (Barcelona), CY Cergy Paris Université (Paris), The Ca'Foscari University of Venice (Venice), The NOVA University Lisbon (Lisbon) The University of Warwick (Warwick), The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels), The University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg), The Babeș-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca), The Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden). 

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