Publish Date: 03.03.2023

Category: News from the University

The EUTOPIA the Connected Learning Community in Legal History, a pilot project of the EUTOPIA university association, invites you to join the peak event organised by the University of Ljubljana. It will be held in the form of a student conference on Friday, March 10, at the Faculty of Law (blue hall). This year's theme is "Labour migration in legal history".

Within the EUTOPIA Connected learning community in legal history, students collaborate across universities in Europe and respective student groups on common themes through the use of active learning methods. They work individually and collectively on a case study connected to the transversal theme of minority rights. The theme is studied from the perspective of legal history (i.e. the role of law in the treatment of minorities, and the influence of minorities on how we think in legal categories.

This EUTOPIA Connected learning community organises meetings where all institutions physically come together, after intense connected online cooperation. Students of legal history from France (University of Paris Cergy), United Kingdom (University of Warwick), Belgium (Vrije University) and Portugal (Nova University of Lisbon) are participating in this event, organized by the University of Ljubljana. Students from the University of Ljubljana are Kristjan Krapež, Vid Lobnik, Aljoša Kalacanović, Ajra Šišernik, Flora Hawlina, Luka Držić and Lovro Čeh Brežnik. External experts will also participate in the conference: historian dr. Danijel Grafenauer (Institute for National Issues) and historian prof. dr. Aleksej Kalc (Institute for Slovenian Emigration and Migration ZRC SAZU).

The students will present working drafts of their chosen sub-topics with the aim of getting feedback for their further work from their colleagues, mentors and external experts in discussions on Friday and in informal gatherings on a professional excursion. The topics are presented in an online exhibition.

Join the plenary session on 10 March, at the Faculty of Law (blue hall). Check out the full programme here.