The University of Ljubljana is the biggest university in Slovenia. Internationalization is a very important part of the University and is why we participate in different exchange activities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme and other mobility initiatives/projects/networks. Since 2015, the University of Ljubljana has been participating in Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

List of participating members of the University of Ljubljana:

# Call 2018 and 2019 Call 2019
1 ALUO Faculty of Pharmacy
2 Biotechnical Faculty Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
3 School of Economics and Business Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
4 Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
5 Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
6 Faculty of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Education
7 Faculty of Arts  
8 Faculty of Computer and Information Science  
9 Faculty of Medicine  
10 Faculty of Law  
11 Veterinary Faculty  


Mobility is limited to only those Partner Countries institutions for which the University of Ljubljana received funding. Currently we have 2 open calls ICM 2018 and ICM 2019.

Before student or staff mobility, the institution in a Partner Country and the partner institution in a Programme Country must sign an Institutional Agreement.

Mobility opportunities:

  • Student mobility for studies
  • Mobility of staff for the purpose of teaching and training


Minimum duration of student mobility for study is 3 months and 2 months for placement. The maximum duration is limited by the funding received at the national level and by the student’s previous participation in the Erasmus Programme or in the Erasmus Mundus Programme. Limitations apply at the same level of study. Maximum duration is 12 months.


The minimum duration of staff mobility is 5 days, without travel days. The maximum duration is limited by the funding received at the national level, but not more than 60 days.

In the case of Staff mobility for Teaching, staff must also have completed at least 8 hours of lectures per week.

The eligible period for student and staff mobility.

Project ICM 2018: 1. 6. 2018 -  31. 7 . 2020.

Project ICM 2019: 1. 8. 2018 - 31. 7. 2022.