Travel costs are limited by the travel distance between host and home institution. Staff also have possibility to co-finance an additional two (2) days for travel. The travel distance is calculated with the Distance calculator, published on the website of the European Commission. The calculation takes into account the distance in one direction.

You should buy travel tickets by yourself. We will reimburse you the travel cost upon your arrival. We will need the original invoice and a copy of your ticket to do so.

The maximum amount of Travel costs will be calculated with respect to the real costs (invoices), up to the amount defined by the rules of the Erasmus+ Programme (see the table below).

# Travel distance in kilometres Maximum amount in EUR
1 100 - 499 180
2 500 - 1999 275
3 2000 - 2999 360
4 3000 - 3999 530
5 4000 - 7999 820
6 8000 and more 1100