Student and staff mobility will be co-financed according to the Erasmus+ Programme's received funds at the national level and Slovenian legislation.

Co-financing includes:

  • Monthly grant for students or. subsistence for Staff
  • Travel costs
  • Visa costs
  • Health Insurance costs

The monthly grant for students is 800 EUR. The unit of account is the day. One month is 30 days. The final or maximum amount will be calculated on the exact duration of mobility. Please find examples of different calculation for student’s mobility.

Maximum subsistence for staff in ICM KA171 2022 and 2023 is 140 EUR/ day. This amount shall apply from the 1st to the 14th day of mobility. From day 15 onwards the subsistence is 70% of that amount, which is 98 EUR. The subsistence amount already includes per-diem which is 24.75 EUR/ day. The maximum amount of subsistence will be calculated according to Slovenian legislation with respect to the real costs. Please find examples of different calculation for staff mobility ICM 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Important information for signing the grant agreement and financing


Special needs

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme enables students and staff with special needs to receive additional resources for special needs.

Persons with special needs include individuals with mental disorders, blind and partially sighted, deaf and deaf, with speech linguistic disorders, physically impaired, long-term ill persons, with deficiencies in certain areas of learning, and emotional and behavioural disorders that require the implementation of programs with additional professional assistance or customized programs or special programs.

The special needs do not include socially disadvantaged (economic reasons) mobility participants.

The selected participant for mobility in Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme shall submit its application on the prescribed form together with the mandatory attachments no later than 40 days prior to departure for mobility to the contact address of the University of Ljubljana.

We will examine, confirm and forward the application to the National Agency (Cmepius)