Useful information

Getting to Ljubljana

Slovenia only has one international airport, Airport Jože Pučnik, 30 km from Ljubljana. Ljubljana maintains a strategically good position in Europe for travelling between Italy, Central Europe and the Balkans. There are also cheap flights to Ljubljana from several European cities.

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Local transportation in Ljubljana

The most effective means of public transport in Ljubljana is the city bus. The fare, which is uniform irrespective of the distance travelled, costs 1.20 EUR and is paid using the URBANA card, which you can buy at any tobacco and newspaper shop (kiosk).

Student Organization

The International office of the Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana (SOU of Ljubljana), Pivovarniška 6, will help you with more practical information regarding the meals system, sports, social program, trips. Their office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 12 am – 3 pm. You can also find out more about it on the Facebook page.

Student Meals System

Being an exchange student, you can use a system of subsidized student meals. The system is used in the majority of restaurants in Ljubljana and in other cities in Slovenia. The subsidy for a meal is 2.63 EUR. To be able to register you need your mobile phone for identification (Slovenian SIM card) and the student card issued by the university. More information.

Sports at the University of Ljubljana

The Centre for University Sport organizes different sport programs for all the students of University of Ljubljana: ECTS evaluated programs (only for students who will study at the University of Ljubljana for the whole academic year and can take credit points), sports recreational programs, sports holidays and competition sport. More information and contact e-mail: .