Erasmus+ Incoming staff

University of Ljubljana encourages international mobility of academic and non-academic staff. Below you will find an elaborate overview of the Erasmus+ funding possibilities that you can make use of, both within and outside Europe.


For activities in the European Union countries, including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway and Turkey, you can make use of Erasmus+ funding for staff training and staff teaching. The Erasmus+ Programme allows academic and non-academic staff (employed by institutions and organisations participating in the programme), or professionals (employed by participating enterprises), to spend a teaching and/or training period or observation mobility at the University of Ljubljana. The purposes of the mobility are exchanging skills, enriching the school offer, providing students and teachers with different approaches. A contribution of EU or university funds for travel, room and board expenses can be provided by participants’ Home Institution (Receiving Institution in case of mobility of professionals from enterprises). Staff mobility for teaching is based on an Inter- Institutional Agreement activated between the home university and the University of Ljubljana for the academic year in which the mobility is taken and in accordance with the Mobility Agreement. Staff mobility for training is based exclusively on the basis of the Mobility Agreement.



Under International Credit mobility, a HEIs in a Partner Country can send its staff to a partner HEI in a Programme Country, and vice versa. Staff can spend a teaching and/or training period abroad Please find additional information at: