Student dormitories 

There is a possibility that a very limited number of beds will be available in student dormitories (not guaranteed yet). The rooms in dormitories are double with shared bathroom and kitchen. The price varies app. from 170 - 190€ per month per person, depending on the size and location of the room (the price list is available Foreign students pay the economic price. Rooms are given to students on "first come, first get" basis according to the date and hour of the online application. The application is available here an can be done before you start with the exchange application.The deadline is 15 May (first semester and full year) and 15 November (second semester). More about the dormitories you can find here.


Private accommodation

You should start looking for private accommodation in Ljubljana well in advance. The prices vary from 200 - 500€ per month, depending on size, location, sharing the room with another student. Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana will help you in your search for private accommodation after your arrival to Ljubljana. They will advise you and give you information on where and how to look for accommodation, but the search will be done by you. Before your departure you should book yourself a hostel at least for the first week. After the arrival you can visit the International Office of the Student Organization (Kampus, Pivovarniška 6, office hours: Tuesday 2pm-5pm, Wednesday 2pm - 5pm, Thursday 2pm - 5pm). We recommend you to contact the student organization before your arrival to Ljubljana. The e-mail address is or .



University of Ljubljana is a partner of, the international student-to-student housing platform. Students who are coming from abroad to Ljubljana can find & book a student room on The rooms on this platform are offered by our students that go abroad for a study abroad semester, exchange, Erasmus or internship. Using the platform itself is completely free for you as a student; when you make a concrete booking an administrative fee will be charged as a part of Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system. 

Sign-up here to receive a University of Ljubljana VIP profile on   As a student, intern, PhD candidate, researcher, or visiting professors of University of Ljubljana you are entitled to priority access to all accommodation available on The platform allows you to choose from rooms listed by local students or verified landlords and securely book prior to your arrival.   For more information, check the local guide on living in Ljubljana here:  

Keep in mind: The housing market in Ljubljana is very seasonal. So if you don’t find a room listed right away check back regularly. Do you need more information or have a specific question? Send an email to and be treated with priority! 



Promoted by Spanish G9 Group Universities and supported by the European Union, Erasmus Play was founded to help international students find accommodation during their studies.

This is an accommodation search platform that aggregates a wide range of student housing. The goal is to guide students in their new environment and help them find the most suitable accommodation. Platform work closely with universities to improve on a daily basis and offer the best experience to students.

University of Ljubljana is also a partner of the Erasmus Play, the search engine which aggregates verified accommodation from key housing platforms in more than 24 European countries and is proving to be very useful, especially for outgoing students, with such diverse destinations.

Erasmus Play is a student housing search engine to find accommodation across Europe. It allows you to compare all available accommodation quickly and easily. In addition, you will be able to make a book in safely, as all the accommodations are 100% verified. The booking process is very simple:

- Select your destination and dates.

- Compare all available accommodation.

- Click and book safely and securely.

There is a wide variety of destinations: : Madrid, Milan, Paris, Porto, Berlin, Florence, Bologna, Lisbon, Rome, London, Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Vienna, Helsinki, Budapest, Amsterdam, Stockholm and so much more!