The University of Ljubljana global alumni and associates network or SMUL for short primarily unites the scientists, professors and other renowned individuals working in the fields of academia, research and development abroad and are associated with Slovenia. It was created as one of the activities for boosting the quality of study programmes and strengthening international cooperation and reputation of the University of Ljubljana.

The SMUL responds to members' proposals and notifies them of:

  • the developments at the University of Ljubljana and in the Slovenian higher education and research milieus;
  • available positions of employment at the University of Ljubljana;
  • students', teachers' and researchers' wishes relating to exchange programmes;
  • planned educational programmes and R&D projects;
  • anything that may be of special interest to the members in terms of the activities of the University of Ljubljana; and
  • it also responds to the members' proposals for cooperation in the abovementioned fields.

Association by all means brings positive effects for all stakeholders which is why you are cordially invited to engage in the activities of the SMUL. Membership is free-of-charge and does not carry any obligations that individual members would not be willing to assume themselves. You can apply for membership simply by filling in the form that is available HERE. We are committed to protecting personal data which we shall only use for the purposes of the functioning of the SMUL. 

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Tel: +386 1 241 85 76