Publish Date: 26.06.2008

Category: Job vacancies

Public (international) Announcement for Job Vacancies



Member :

University in Ljubljana - Faculty of Pharmacy, invites applications for a job vacancy:


1.     Position:

Employment position: university teacher of pharmaceutical biochemistry; full time engagement for indefinite period of time.

One vacancy available.


2.     Conditions for the position:

Position requirements: PhD in science. The candidate must have academic title at the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor in the field of pharmaceutical biochemistry. Other skills required: rhetoric skills, being innovative, work-management skills, interpersonal skills, active knowledge of Slovenian language.


3.     Job description:

-          designing and updating course syllabus according to the university and higher-education professional programme requirements;

-          organizing (or cooperating in) the activities related to the implementation of the teaching programme according to the syllabus, with application of research findings; coordinating work and supervising other staff engaged in the teaching programme;

-          giving lectures to students and conducting seminars at the post-graduate level;

-          offering individual mentorship to students (consultations, tutoring, contact hours, etc);

-          testing student knowledge (exams, colloquia, seminar works, diploma defences);

-          directing students in their research and study activities, providing mentorship to students in preparing their diplomas, master and doctoral theses and similar;

-          engaging in scientific research work.


4.     Job vacancy open:

From: 26.06.2008 to: 26.09.2008


5.     Contract person:

Name: Zdenka Gantar, Faculty of Pharmacy, University in Ljubljana Aškerčeva 7, 1000 LjubljanaSlovenia

Telephone number: (++386)-1-4769-505

E-mail: .