Publish Date: 14.07.2008

Category: Job vacancies

Public International Job Announcement

University Teacher – Assistant Professor of Tuba

- Preparation and updating of the curriculum as well as adaption of university and higher professional educational programmes according to current requirements
- Organization or co-organization of all activities concerning the realization of the study course in accordance with the curriculum and the findings of the field including supervision of work of other teaching personal of the course (assistents, technical and other staff)
- Lectures for students, holding of seminars and other pedagogical activities related to the study course within the field of pre-graduate study programmes
- Directing, evaluation and correction of examination works and tests
- Guiding of artistic and research work as well as educational activities of the students including tutorship for students preparing diploma works and other tasks

Valid academic degree: Assistant Professor for tuba

Contact person: Mojca Žugelj Marič, Secretary General