Publish Date: 29.10.2014

Category: Job vacancies


 Member: Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana

 1. Post:

·         Teaching faculty – Teaching assistant at the Department of Pastoral and Applied Theology (M/F)

 Employment period: definite period of time with limited hours of work

 2. Qualifications:

·         Advanced studies for Gestalt pedagogy

·         Master degree in Theology

·         Election to the title Teaching Assistant for the field of Pastoral and Applied Theology

·         Active knowledge of Slovene language

·         Good command of a second language

·         Excellent rhetorical skills

·         Ability for organization of personal work and the work of a groups of students

·         Use of computer tools

 3. Brief job and task description:

·         Guiding theoretical, practical and other forms of exercises of student training

·         Working with lecturers in the preparation of students’ tests and in other educational activities

·         Participation in scientific research work

·         Control of appliances and instruments and necessary means to carry our teaching and research

·         Participation in other activities related to teaching and scholarly research in the subject area

·         Performing all the tasks related to the scientific area of the post

 4. Application deadline:

·         3 working days (until and including 5th of November 2014)

 5. Contact:

Name and last name: Simon Jurkovič

Telephone number: +386 1 434 58 20