Publish Date: 01.12.2016

Category: Job vacancies

University of Ljubljana ( UL )
Faculty of Medicine
Vrazov trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

1. POSITION: University teacher of Internal Medicine
Status: part-time
Type of contract: permanent


• Valid habilitation title: University teacher of Internal Medicine (Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Full Professor)
The candidate fulfills this condition if it already holds the title of teacher at University of Ljubljana or a valid title of another university and is in the procedure for determining the equivalence of the title (217 a to 217 d Article of the Statutes of UL) finds that is this title equivalent to the title of teacher at the UL or holds a valid title of a visiting teacher (Article 25 a Criteria for Appointment to the Titles of University Teacher, Researcher and Associate University of Ljubljana  )
• Knowledge of the Slovenian language at the level B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
• At the same time employment in the public health establishment which is an educational institution or institution authorized to carry out this study activity.
• Candidates must enclose with the application a written biography and bibliography.

-          forming and updating a syllabus and adjusting university and higher vocational education programs to the requirements,
-          organizing and co-organizing all activities for the realization of the course in accordance with the syllabus and expert's findings, coordination of work and supervising other teachers’ (assistants, technical and other co-workers) course,
-          lecturing students, managing seminars and other pedagogical activities of the course in undergraduate study programs,
-          Managing, evaluating and correcting exams and tests,
-          directing art work and research work, directing the study activities of students and mentoring students with the execution of their diploma papers and other works,
-          Scientific-research and art work, study and development of concepts, theories and methods.

4. APLICATION DEADLINE: 60 days, 1.12.2016 -30.1.2017


Name: Pavel Poredoš, M.D., PhD, Professor, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine
Telephone number: 00 386 1 522 3466