Publish Date: 27.07.2017

Category: Job vacancies


University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music
Stari trg 34, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1. Position:

at the Department of woodwinds, brass and percussion
as teacher of trumpet
full-time employment, permanent contract
The employment is foreseen to begin 1.10.2017, after receiving agreement with human resource management of University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music and agreement with the governing board.

2. Conditions for the position:
- doctoral degree in the field of music or the recognition of significant artistic work in the field of music composition and music performance
- valid habilitation title assistant professor/associate professor/full professor of trumpet  - knowledge of Slovenian and English language
- rhetoric abilities, inventiveness, organisational abilities and  communicative nature

3. Short job description:

- Designing and updating of curriculum and adaptation of university and higher education study programmes,
- organization and co-organization of all activities relevant to the execution of study courses in accordance with curriculums and developments in the professional field, coordination of work and control over the work of other teaching staff (assistants, technical and other staff),
- lectures for students, conduct of seminars and other pedagogical activities on the subject at undergraduate and post-graduate study programmes,
- guidance of research work and other study activities of students and mentoring for students in their seminary papers, diploma theses and other work,
- artistic and scientific research work, study and development of concepts, theories and methods.
- care for safe and healthy work of the employees and students in the unit, for adequate education and instructions to users of personal protection equipment and other safety measures,
- performing other tasks from the wider professional area of the job.

4. Publication date: deadline 60 days, until 27.7.2017 – 25.9.2017
Applications should be sent to: UL, Akademija za glasbo, Stari trg 34, 1000 Ljubljana.
The selection process and the employment will follow the final adoption of the personnel plan 2017 for the University of Ljubljana.

5. Contact person at the Academy of Music:

First name and surname: Mojca Žugelj Marič
Telephone number: 01 – 2 4 2 7 3 06