Publish Date: 29.09.2017

Category: Job vacancies

Public (international) call for job applications

1.   Announced job vacancy: University teacher (Lector of English language)
Status: full-time, 40 hours per week
Type of contract: temporary full-time employment (for one year) with the possibility of permanent full-time employment and a 3-month trial period

2.   Job requirements:
- proficiency in Slovenian language
- proficiency in English language
- Required education/level and field for the position: University degree (before Bologna reform) or (Bologna) Second level Master degree in adequate field of study
- Valid habilitation title -  Lector of English language
- Teaching experience at a higher education institution (2 years)

3. Short job description:
-   formulation and updating of teaching contents, preparation of tailor made teaching contents adapted to the needs of specific higher education and university programmes
-   lectures and seminars for undergraduate and graduate or specialist study programmes and other forms of pedagogic activities (consultations, office – contact hours for students etc.)
-   preparing, guiding and assessing students and assessment of students' knowledge (exams, partial exams, tests, papers…) based on curricula and professional standards and findings
-   keeping up with professional developments and participation in national and international expert meetings
-   activity in scientific and research work and participation in other teaching related, scientific and research activities in the required professional field
-   participation in the work of various commissions and working bodies within and outside of the university (e.g. nostrification and habilitiation reports for election into the title of lector, exam and matura committies, dissemination and transfer of knowledge from the area of applied linguistics  to teachers within the frame of lifelong learning, participation in contents development for lower levels of language teaching),
-   performing other tasks pertaining to a wider field of expertise

4.  Functional knowledge:
- professional, linguistic and didactic competence
- rhetoric skills
- ability to combine and apply theoretical and methodological contents
- organising skills related to the work of others as well as your own work

5.   Starting date: Planned for November 2017

6. Application deadline: 5. 10. 2017

7.Contact person: