Publish Date: 14.11.2018

Category: Job vacancies


EMPLOYER: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, Gortanova 22, Ljubljana

1. Offered job position:  UNIVERSITY TEACHER, Code-number: DM: D019001
Permanent contract, full-time employment (40 hours week)

2. Required job conditions:
• education level: doctoral degree (PhD) in the field of kinesiology
• valid academic title: assistant professor or associate professor or full professor on the scientific qualification level Sport Sciences – Kinesiology.  The candidate fulfills the condition if he / she has a valid UL title or the valid title of the Guest teacher at UL.
If  at the time of application the candidate does not have an election to the abovementioned titles, but he meets the qualitative and quantitative conditions for election to these titles, he can apply for the job vacancy, in which  case, together with the application, he / she shall also provide evidence of compliance with the above criteria, accompanied by a statement, in the event of a decision by the selection committee, the application shall also be considered as an application for election to the title or for the recognition of the equivalence of the title.  
• good organizational skills
• communicational skills
• innovative approach
• knowledge of the Slovenian language at the level B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
• active knowledge of one foreign language   
• priority will be given to candidates with professional competences in the field of volleyball as well as to candidates, who are active researchers in the field of volleyball

3. Job description
• forming and updating the curricula of the subjects considering higher  educational  program requirements
• organization or co-organization of all activities for the implementation of the subject in accordance with curriculum and professional knowledge – coordinating and supervising  the work of teaching staff (assistants, technical staff and other cooperating staff)
• lecturing, teaching and managing seminars and other educational activities of the subject
• management, evaluation of examinations and other testing processes
• supervision of  students diploma work  and other duties
• participation in other activities related to the teaching  field
• scientific research in biomechanics, development of new concepts, theories, and methods,
• professional care for safety issues regarding work conditions for teaching staff and students
• other work performance, which belongs within the broad content of the job area

4. Application deadline: 15th November 2018 until 14th January 2019

Interested candidates must submit written application with an enclosed CV and supporting documents, certifying the fulfilment of requirements within the above-specified deadline, by regular post to the following address:
Univerza v Ljubljani, FAKULTETA ZA ŠPORT, Kadrovska služba, Gortanova 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Employment contract can only be concluded with a candidate who qualifies for the position.
University of Ljubljana promotes gender equality in employment and work.

5.  Employment of the selected candidate will be implemented upon the final adoption of the HR Plan for 2019.

6. Contact person at the Faculty:
Prof. dr. Damir Karpljuk, tel.: 00386 1 520 77 08, e mail: