Publish Date: 03.09.2020

Category: Job vacancies


Member: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Aškerčeva cesta 12, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1.    POSITION: University teacher (M/F) at the Department of Geotechnology, Mining and Environment

Status: part-time (20%)
Type of contract: temporary (2 years)


  1. Required education/level and field: doctoral degree (PhD; former study programme) or doctoral degree (3rd Bologna level) in the field of geotechnology and mining.
  2. Valid habilitation title: Assistant Professor of Geotechnology and Mining.  The candidate meets the requirements if they have a valid habilitation title at the University of Ljubljana or another institution if this title is recognized by the University of Ljubljana in the process of title acknowledgement, or a valid title of a guest teacher at the University of Ljubljana, or if they meet the minimum quantity and quality requirements for an appointment to the title in line with the Statute of the University of Ljubljana and the Criteria for Appointment to the Titles of University Teacher, Researcher and Associate (hereafter Criteria) at the University of Ljubljana to obtain the habilitation title Assistant Professor in the field of Geotechnology and Mining. In this case, the candidate is required to submit together with the application also the documents confirming the compliance of quality and quantity criteria for the appointment to the title or title recognition in accordance with the Criteria. Moreover, the candidate should enclose a statement of agreement that in case the commission short lists the candidate, their application is treated at the same time also as the application for the appointment to the title or title recognition. The title must be obtained prior to the conclusion of the employment contract.
  3. Functional skills and specific requirements: rhetoric abilities, innovation, demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as well as individually, knowledge of the Slovenian and English language, digital skills, work experience in the field of coal mining.


  • forming and updating the syllabus and adjusting university and higher vocational education programmes to the requirements,
  • organizing and co-organizing all activities for the realization of the course in accordance with the syllabus and experts’ findings, coordination of work and supervising other course teachers (assistants, technical and other co-workers),
  • lecturing students, managing seminars and other pedagogical activities of the course in undergraduate study programmes,
  • managing, evaluating and correcting exams and tests,
  • directing art work and research work, directing the study activities of students and mentoring students with the execution of their diploma thesis and other works,
  • scientific research and art work, study and development of concepts, theories and methods.

4.    APPLICATION DEADLINE:  8 days, by 11 September 2020

The applications, which should be submitted in writing and should include a curriculum vitae with the description of previous work experience and proof of eligibility, need to be sent by e-post to the following address:

Employment contract can only be concluded with the candidate who qualifies for the position.

Name: Helena Zalar