Publish Date: 19.02.2021

Category: Job vacancies


Member: University Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, Kardeljeva ploščad 16, Ljubljana

POSITION: Researcher (m/f)  

Registration number of the ZRSZ (Employment Office of the Republic of Slovenia): NZ80810

Number of job vacancies: 1

PoE code: H017004

Status: part-time job – 50 % (20 hours/week)

Type of contract: temporary – for the duration of the project (presumably from 1st March, 2021 to 30th Sept., 2021)

Trial period: 1 month  

1. Conditions for the position:  

Required education (level and area):

- Specialization in higher education (former) of two-subject study program: Chemistry and Home Economics;

- Higher education (previous) of two-subject study program: Chemistry and Home Economics

- Master's degree (2nd Bologna level) of two-subject study program: Chemistry and Home Economics)                 

Functional skills and other requirements:

- innovation, ability to work in a team, communication, organizational skills and ability to work with computer tools;

- knowledge in the field of didactics of chemistry and the use of ICT in education;

- active knowledge of English;

- desirable work experience.  

2. Job description:

- work on 2 projects: ORCheSSE (Erasmus+ Project - Online resources for Chemical Safety in Science Education and INOVUP (ESS Project: Innovative learning and teaching for quality graduate careers and excellent higher education;

- planning the implementation of its part of the research activities in accordance with the plan / application of the research project;

- carrying out its agreed part of the research activities;

- preparation of regular reports on the implementation of research activities;

- cooperation with other researchers on a research project;

- coordination of the pilot implementation of the project in schools;

- carrying out work by order of the direct superior and performing other tasks that belong to the broader professional field of the job.                     

3. Job starting date: The employment part time contract for a limited period of time, for the duration of the project, i. e. presumably from 1st March, 2021 to 30 th Sept., 2021.  

4. Date of public international job announcement: February 19, 2021.  

5. Aplication deadline: 3 days from the date of publication   

6. Written application with CV and evidence of eligibility should be sent ti the e-mail address  

A contract may only be concluded with an eligible candidate           

Univerza Ljubljana promotes gender equality by employment and work.            

The employment will be financed from EU funds.   

7. Contact person:  Barbara Mlakar  Phone: 01 58 92 261 E-mail: