Publish Date: 08.04.2021

Category: Job vacancies



POSITION: University teacher of Physics (m/f)  

Reference number of public international job announcement: OA79455.

Number of available positions: 1

Position code: D019001

Title code: 3, 2 or 1

Title: Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor 

Salary scale: IX 

Status: above full time, 8 hours per week (20%)

Type of contract: permanent contract 

Start of employment: October 2021  


- Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Physics,

- The title of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor of Nuclear engineering at the University of Ljubljana, or an equivalent title at a similar internationally recognized institution. For a candidate who has a valid habilitation title at another university, the procedure of determining the equivalence of this title with a teacher's title at the University of Ljubljana may be carried out, or an application for a habilitation title of a visiting teacher may be requested. The candidate may also meet the minimum quantitative and qualitative conditions for election to the title, according to the Statute of the University of Ljubljana (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 4/2017) and the Criteria for elections to the titles of higher education teachers, researchers, and associates of the University of Ljubljana of 25.10.2011 (and amendments) - in this case, the candidate must submit, together with the application for the position, evidence of meeting the above conditions for election to the title, or for recognition of the title (in accordance with Article 157 of the Statute of the UL). The candidate must submit a statement that he/she agrees that, in the case of a positive decision of the selection committee, his/her application is also considered as an application for election to the title, or for recognition of the equivalence of the title.

- Knowledge of the Slovene language at level B2, according to the European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR), which is demonstrated by appropriate evidence (if the selected candidate does not know the Slovene language at the time of employment, he/she must learn it within three years of employment),

- Rhetorical skills, innovation, a sense of organising one's own work and the work of colleagues,  

- Priority will be given to candidates with proven scientific and research achievements in the field of Nuclear reactors (eg. Monte Carlo simulations of different reactor parameters).


- Designing and updating curricula and adapting higher professional education programmes according to requirements,

- Organising or co-organising all activities for the implementation of the course in accordance with the curriculum and the findings of the profession, and the coordination of work and supervision over the work of other course providers (assistants, technical and other collaborators),

- Lectures to students, conducting seminars and other pedagogical activities for a subject, 

- Conducting, assessing, and correcting examination tasks and tests,

- Mentoring students in the preparation of diploma theses and other works, - Participation in other activities related to pedagogical work in the field of profession (nostrification, etc.),

- Scientific research, study, and development of concepts, theories, and methods,

- Ensures a safe and healthy work environment for the workers and students of a unit, ensures appropriate education and training of persons who come into contact with dangerous substances, as well as the use of personal protective equipment and other safety measures,

- Performing other tasks that belong to the broader professional field of the workplace.  

3. JOB VACANCY PUBLISHED ON: 9. 4. 2021.  

4. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 60 days, until 8. 6. 2021.  

The University of Ljubljana promotes gender equality in employment. The employment contract can only be concluded with a candidate who qualifies for the position.  

Applications with mandatory attachments and the registration number of job announcement should be sent by email address:  

5. CONTACT PERSON: Aleksandra Jordan. Tel.: 00386 1 4766 742. E-mail: