Publish Date: 24.10.2008

Category: Job vacancies





University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Erjavčeva 23, Ljubljana


1.    Invitation for applications for a post:



2.    Duration of employment:

Full-time indefinite employment


3.    Conditions for the position:

Acknowledged important art works .

Artistic achievements confirmed by UL .

Valid higher doctoral title of assistant professor of painting.

Knowledge of Slovenian language .


4.    Short description of work duties and tasks:

-        forming and updating a syllabus and adjusting university and higher vocational education programmes to the requirements ,

-        organizing and co-organizing all activities for the realization of the course in accordance with the syllabus and experts' findings, coordination of work and supervising other course teachers (assistants, technical and other co-workers) ,

-        lecturing students, managing seminars and other pedagogical activities of the course in undergraduate study programmes ,

-        managing, evaluating and correcting exams and tests ,

-        directing art work and research work, directing the study activities of students and mentoring students with execution of their diploma papers and other works ,

-        scientific-research and art work, study and development of concepts, theories and methods.


5.    Application deadline:

Publication date: 24.10.2008, deadline 90 days; until 23.01.2009


6.    Job starting date:



7.   Contact person:

Name: Dean, prof. Bojan Gorenec

Telephone number: 00 386 1 251 27 26