Publish Date: 10.10.2011

Category: Job vacancies


Member: FACULTY OF AMRITIME STUDIES AND TRANSPORT, Pot pomorščakov 4, Portorož

1. Position:

Code: DM D010001

2.Conditions for the position:

  • Master of science or doctoral degree in the field of Maritime Studies and Traffic.
  • Valid academic title awarded by the University of Ljubljana: assistant for the field of Traffic Technology.
  • Employment contact: full-time, until 30. September 2012.
  • Fluent knowledge of the English language, rhetoric skills, innovativeness, ability to organize one's work and the work of a group (of students).

3.Brief job description:

  • Preparation and management of theoretical, practical and other forms of exercises and student training in a given subject.
  • Cooperation in other activities related to pedagogical or scientific work in the field of traffic technology.
  • Basic research and professional activities (research work essential for the development of the research discipline, high quality teaching and professional growth).

4.Application deadline:

15 days, until 23 October, 2011.

5.Letters of application, together with a curriculum vitae and documents in accordance with position requirements (education level, academic title, knowledge of a foreign language) should be sent to the address of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport.

6. Contact person:

Zmaga Uršič, BSc
05 67 67 221
E- mail: