Publish Date: 09.12.2011

Category: Job vacancies


Employer: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, Gortanova 22, Ljubljana

1.Offered job position: 

University teacher for swimming department, aquatic outdoor activities and water sports
Code-number:   DM: D019001
Full-time employment with 40 hours week

2.Required job conditions:

  • education level: PhD
  • valid academic title: assistant professor or associate professor or full professor on the scientific qualification level Sport Sciences - Kinesiology
  • good organizational skills
  • communicational skills
  • innovative approach
  • active knowledge of Slovenian language

3.Job description:

  • forming and updating the curricula of the subjects considering higher  educational  program requirements
  • organization or co-organization of all activities for the implementation of the subject in accordance with curriculum and professional knowledge – coordinating and supervising  the work of teaching staff (assistants, technical staff and other cooperating staff
  • lecturing, teaching and managing seminars and other educational activities of the subject
  • management, evaluation of examinations and other testing processes
  • supervision of  students diploma work  and other duties
  • participation in other activities related to the teaching  field
  • professional care for safety issues regarding work conditions for teaching staff and students
  • other work performance, which belongs within the broad content of the job area

4.Application deadline:

90  days,  do 8.3.2012

5.Job starting date: 1.1.2012


Name and Surname:  Branko Škof
Phone number: 01 520 77 10