Publish Date: 01.06.2012

Category: Job vacancies



Zoisova cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana -Slovenia

Position advertised:  
higher education  3 (university-level) teacher,
permanent full-time position

Requirements -  educational qualifications: 
-doctorate in Architecture or recognition of important artistic
work in the field of architecture
-active knowledge of Slovenian Language
-active knowledge of English Language
Valid habilitation title:  
- assistant professor in the field of architecture
- adjunct professor in the field of architecture
Functional skills:
-public speaking, innovativeness, a sense of organisation for one’s own
work and  that of associates

Brief description of work and duties:  
-designing and updating syllabuses and adapting tertiary professional courses
to requirements
-organising or co-organising all activities for providing the subject course in
 line with the syllabus and findings of the profession, and coordination of work
and supervision of other providers of the subject course (junior lecturers, technical
and other staff)
-lectures for students, conducting seminars and other educational activities in
the subject,
-managing, assessing and correcting exam assignments and tests
-mentoring students in producing their degree dissertations and other work
-cooperation in other activities linked to educational work in this professional field

Deadline for applications: 90 days from publication 

Contact person at the member:   
Magda Štraus
telephone: 01/2000 762