Publish Date: 16.10.2012

Category: Job vacancies




Member: Faculty of Theology


1. Post:

·         University Professor - Assistant Professsor/Associate Professor/ Full Professor for field biblical studies and judaism


Employment period: for an indefinite time and full time (expected) job



2. Qualifications:

·         doctoral degree

·         valid habilitation title for the field of biblical studies and judaism

·         active knowledge of the Slovene language



3. Brief job and task description:

·         formation and modernisation of curricula and adaptation of university and higher education programmes

·         organisation or co-organisation of all the activities related to the teaching of the subject in accordance with the curriculum and findings of the profession; work coordination and control over the work of other teachers (assistants, technicians, etc.) 

·         lecturing, conducting seminars and other pedagogical activities at the postgraduate level

·         designing, assessing and correcting exams and tests

·         directing research work and students' activities and mentoring students at writing their final paper and other course work

·         scientific research, study and development of concepts, theories, and methods

·         partaking in other activities related to the pedagogical or/and scientific research in the field (e. g. nostrification, expert opinion, etc.)

·         taking care for the safety of the employees and students at work, appropriate education and instruction of people who come in contact with dangerous substances, and the use of personal safety equipment and other safety measures

·         performing all the tasks related to the scientific area of the post



4. Deadline:

  • 90 days after job announcement on web (till 17th of January 2013)


    5. Contact:

    Name and surname: Karl Sinko

    Telephone number: + 386 1 434 58 20