University of Ljubljana gets new leadership for the next term of 4 years; until September 30, 2017.

Publish Date: 30.09.2013

Category: News from the University

The new Rector is prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik from the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

The Vice-Rectors during the term:

  • Full prof. dr. Goran Turk for education area
  • Full prof. dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič for knowledge transfer area 
  • Full prof. dr. Martin Čopič
  • Full prof. Matej Zupan


Rektor (vrata brez kljuke)Dr. Ivan Svetlik, full professor in human resources and social management

He completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. He pursued advanced studies at the Warwick University in the UK and at the Arbetslivcentrum in Sweden. He was promoted to the doctoral scientific title in 1983 with the thesis entitled Sociological conceptualization of unemployment.

Since 1974 he has been a professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. From 1988 until 1991 he worked for the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy, from 2008 to 2012 in the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. He is in charge of the postgraduate study programme Management of organizations, human resources and knowledge. He gives lectures in the subjects such as labour and employment, human resources management, education, quality of life and social policies. He is involved in cooperation with several European universities, institutes and with editorials of many international reviews, such as International Journal of Manpower, European Journal of Vocational Training, and The Quality of Higher Education. He gives advice and support to development of organizations in the area of education and human resources management and development.

From 1993 to 1997, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Under his leadership, the building of new facilities started. He was also the head of some faculty units: Department of sociology, Centre for organizational study and study of human resources, Programme group for analysis of work, education and employment. He is the pioneer of the human resources study in Slovenia. In cooperation with the universities of Bath, Maynooth, Tilburg, Roskilde, and Complutense, he developed and started one of the first international master's programmes with inclusion of the University of Ljubljana: European Social Policy Analysis. From 2005 to  2008, he was the Vice-Rector of the University of Ljubljana. He is the author of the first University of Ljubljana mission and the co-author of the first University of Ljubljana Strategy 2006-2009. He established the university system of tutoring, the university career centre, he coordinated the second external EUA evaluation of the University of Ljubljana. He is the co-author of the University of Ljubljana Strategy 2012-2020 and of the evaluation study Bologna in Ljubljana.

He was the first President of the Higher Education Council of the Republic of Slovenia, which started the process of external accreditation of higher education institutions and programmes. He was the President of the National Commission for the reform of educational programmes. He took part in preparation of developmental programmes such as Slovenia's Development Strategy, Phare programmes for the development of vocational and professional education. He was the President of the Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Higher Education. He was the President of professional associations the Slovenian sociological association and the Slovenian Association for Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. In his activities of international counselling in the area of education, he is engaged in cooperation with the European agencies ETF (Turin) and CEDEFOP (Thessaloniki). From 2008 to 2011, he was the minister for labour, family and social affairs. In the eighties, he participated in preparing the transition by researching market approach in employment policies, especially by using the concept of active employment policies in Slovenia. He was also a member of the sociological group of writers of the Slovenian Constitution.

He signed over 400 articles and books in Slovenian and other languages, mainly in the area of education, employment, social policy, and human resources.

Since 2000, he has registered 17 scientific, 8 professional and 13 popular articles, 25 chapters in scientific and 11 in professional monographs, 1 scientific monograph, 1 text book, 10 mentorships to doctoral students and 46 mentorships to master degree students.

On June 18, 2013, he was elected Rector of the University of Ljubljana for the period  1 October 2013 – 1 October 2017.


Vice-Rector prof. dr. Maja Makovec BrenčičProf. dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič, is a Full Professor of International Business at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (UL EF). Her main research areas are internationalization of firms, international marketing, B2B and relationship marketing. She published in Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management and other international journals. She contributed to different international monographs and conference proceedings and served as a reviewer for international conferences or academic journals in her research areas. She is involved with various professional and academic associations (EMAC etc.). In 2011 she chaired the Ljubljana EMAC congress which was organized by FELu. She is also a president of the Slovenian Marketing Association and vice-chair of the Slovenian Advertising Arbitration Board. She also runs UL EF International Business graduate programme and often consults to Slovenian international companies. Till April 2013 she was also the president of the council of Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education of Slovenia. In June 2013 she was appointed president of EMAC (European Marketing Academy), the largest academic marketing organization in Europe. She was apointed Vice- Rector by the University of Ljubljana Senate upon proposal of the Rector prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik in September 2013.


Vice-Rector prof. dr. Goran TurkFull prof. dr. Goran Turk - After graduation in 1987, he was engaged as a young researcher at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Geodetic Engineering. He finished his doctoral studies at the same faculty. During his postgraduate studies, he spent 3 years at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA), where he obtained a Master of Science degree.

From 1994, he has been actively included in the life and work of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. He taught or assisted in the subjects: Statics, Solidity, Statistics, Reliability of Structures, and Operational research. He was appointed assistant professor in 1997, associate professor in 2002 and full professor in mechanics in 2008. His work in higher education has resulted in five university text books, edited by the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. Since 1995, he and his associates have been organizing annual competition of secondary education students in civil engineering mechanics to promote technical sciences.

His area of research is numerical modelling in civil constructions, mostly wooden constructions on fire and massive concrete constructions. He also conducts research in various applications of static methods in civil and geodetic engineering. He is actively engaged in classification of wooden constructions by solidity; he was the manager of two national projects and participated in three international projects. He is currently a member of the working group at the CEN, preparing new standards for classification of wooden elements. Among other publications, he published 45 articles in renowned international reviews, cited 313 times in the Web of Knowledge. He is a member of the editing board of one review and a reviewer of articles for many reviews with an influence factor.

Since 1999, he has been the head of the postgraduate study in civil engineering – constructional orientation. He has been a member of the faculty and the university quality assurance commissions for a number of yeaars. Since 2012, he has been appointed national evaluator of higher education institutions and study programmes; he has been a president of four evaluation groups for accreditation of higher education institution or a study programme. H was appointed  Vice- Rector by the University of Ljubljana Senate upon  proposal of the  Rector prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik in September 2013.


Vice-Rector prof. dr. Martin ČopičMartin Čopič is a full professor in physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana. He graduated in 1972, completed his master study in 1977, and obtained his doctoral title in 1979 at the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology of the University of Ljubljana. He further pursued post-doctoral study at the City College of New York; he was included in research twice as a guest at the University of Colorado and at the University of Cambridge. His research is dedicated to the liquid crystals physics and other soft matters. He is the author or the co-author of about 130 articles in international scientific reviews. He was a mentor of 14 doctoral and 10 master students and 45 diplomas. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana, a member and the secretary of the International liquid crystal association and a member of the Liquid Crystals review editorial board. Together with associates he received the Boris Kidrič fund award in 1982 and the Zois award in 2001. The University of Ljubljana Senate appointed him Vice-Rector for the period 1 October 2013 – 1 October 2017 upon proposal of the Rector prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik.

Vice-rector prof. Matej ZupanMatej Zupan is a Full Professor at the Academy of Music at the University of Ljubljana. From 1996 to 2008 he was the principal flutist of the Slovenian National Radio Symphony Orchestra. He completed his graduate and post graduate studies at the Academy of Music at the University of Ljubljana under the mentorship of the Professor Fedja Rupel, and later went on to complete advanced studies with Mario Ancillotti and to attend Masterclass led by Trevor Wye, Michel Debost, Peter-Lukas Graf and James Galway. He is the winner of several first prizes and other accolades at various national competitions. As a member of the ARIART Woodwind Quintet, the ACADEMIA ARS MUSICAE Chamber Orchestra, the Ensemble for contemporary Music MD7 and the Chamber Orchestra of Soloists (Society of the Slovene Composers) as well as the soloist he has performed extensively throughout Slovenia, Europe, Asia and both Americas. He has recorded for Slovenian Radio and TV, RAI and ORF as well as 5 solo CD's. Since 2010 he is a president of Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia.