Contest winner is the student Nina Čelhar

Publish Date: 02.10.2013

Category: News from the University

Prof. dr. Bojan Gorenec, the Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, declared the Contest commission's decision on the best portrait of prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik, the University of Ljubljana Rector.

The second best portraits by Duša Jesih and Klarisa Sipoš were awarded 500 EUR. The best portrait, painted by Nina Čelhar, was awarded the first prize and 1000 EUR. The author did not attend the formal awarding due to her study trip abroad. Her portrait of prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik will be exhibited along with other portraits of the former university rectors.

The Rector of the University: »I am convinced that a good university means an academic community of good students and good teachers. We are a good university. Today’s event is a good example of trust in our students' talents and potentials. I hope such contests will become common feature in the life of our university.«