Publish Date: 05.12.2014

Category: News from the University

The rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik, has ceremoniously announced the full professors of the University of Ljubljana in 2014. This year, at the proposal of the university members, the university senate elected 69 new full professors from various areas of scientific, artistic and teaching work.

In the introduction, the rector emphasized that the path to achieve the title of a full professor is very exacting. “It requires a lot of research, a lot of writing and publications at the increasingly competitive international level. But this year’s large number of full professors proves that an increasing number of you are capable of achieving these high requirements for quality at an increasingly early age. This is a sign that the university is anticipating a growth in quality” added the rector.

This year’s formal speakers emphasized the following in their speeches:

Prof. dr. Jernej Pikalo: “I am not at that age when I could give life advice to anyone. Actually, I am realizing every day how little I actually know. The phenomenon of everything human is extremely immense and we discover something new every day. Thus, I can only be a constant pupil, humble in the possibilities provided to me by this university in order to learn. In cooperation with colleagues in Slovenia and abroad and with students - without whom this community of students and professors would not exist. If deep inside me I have any kind of moto regarding acting in the academic sphere, it is the well-known statement by Horace that Immanuel Kant used to illustrate his view of what enlightenment is: "Sapere aude!" Dare to think! Dare to be wise! Dare to use your mind!”

Prof. dr. Ana Kučan:  “Creating is not a gradual progress, but repeating the same action, repeating the action from the start, again and again until a new creation is made. I believe that everyone here has experienced that for themselves. Creation is a passion, a passion as an attitude in life, as that which makes us alive and due to which we are once again ready to start from the beginning. Therefore I especially congratulate you for your creativity and perseverance and hope that you once again start from the beginning. Try again. Fail again. But fail better.”

Prof. dr. Tomaž Turk:  “Constructive social criticism is not an easy task, because it exposes us and it might push us into an ethical and practical dilemma when we have to criticize the branch we are sitting on. A full professor is at least partially free from this dilemma, which gives him or her a special place as well as a special responsibility. As writer and stage director Žarko Petan wrote: “Filter every critical thought through your stomach before saying it out loud.” Full professors can afford a slightly more permeable filter - let us make use of it, our society will be grateful. At least in the long term.”

The new full professors of the University of Ljubljana in 2014 are:
2014 New full professors



Photos by Željko Stevanić, IFP, d.o.o.