Publish Date: 05.12.2014

Category: News from the University

Today, the selected retired professors of the University of Ljubljana received honorary titles of professor emeritus for important contributions to the development of the university and for increasing its reputation. “The certificates of professors emeritus are not only a thank you note from the university. They express our sincere wish to continue cooperation, which will be less intensive than before, but no less valuable,” stated the rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik.

The honorary speaker at the event, akad. prof. dr. Alojz Kralj, who was awarded the title of professor emeritus of the University of Ljubljana in 1998, stated: “We believe and expect our younger colleagues to care, as much as or even more avidly, for the satisfaction of all the participants and increasing the reputation of the University of Ljubljana. The professors emeritus have the discretion to participate in the university’s operations, but the majority of obligations and duties are transferred to the younger colleagues.”

The new professor emeritus, dr. Janko Prunk, the former professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana, was delighted to receive the title: I am glad that my colleagues appreciate my years of teaching at the faculty and my dedication to preserving public higher education. I am also glad that my colleagues at the faculty have not forgotten me, despite the fact I have been in retirement for two years. This is the proof that academic collegiality is still alive at the university as one of the basic values of the academic community.”

The new professor emeritus dr. Gabi Čačinovič Vogrinčič was also proud to speak to all those present at the event and gave thanks in the name of all this year’s recipients: “When we were walking down our educational and research paths, we never walked alone, we invited students and colleagues, showed the way and taught, we learned and created together. We perceive this title as a recognition for the work performed, which remains our common property.”   

Professors emeritus of the University of Ljubljana in 2014 are:

red. prof. Slavko Goričar, Academy of Music 
prof. dr. Božidar Žlender, Biotechnical Faculty
prof. dr. Tea Terezija Petrin, Faculty of Economics
prof. dr. Janko Prunk, Faculty of Social Sciences
akad. prof. dr. Tadej Bajd, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
prof. dr. Alenka Šivic-Dular, Faculty of Arts
akad. prof. dr. Ljubinka Teržan, Faculty of Arts
prof. dr. Bojan Majes, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
prof. dr. Janez Stepišnik, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
prof. dr. Saša Divjak, Faculty of Computer and Information Science
prof. dr. Gabi Čačinovič Vogrinčič, Faculty of Social Work
akad. prof. dr. Janez Sketelj, Faculty of Medicine
prof. dr. Jakob Lamut, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
akad. prof. dr. Jože Mencinger, Faculty of Law
prof. dr. Ivanka Brglez, Veterinary Faculty


Photos by Željko Stevanić, IFP, d.o.o.