Publish Date: 20.02.2015

Category: News from the University

The 27th Winter Universiade has ended; Slovenia was represented at the University Games by eighteen athletes. Of those, nine were students from the University of Ljubljana. Our representatives placed among the top ten four times; the slalom skier Filip Mlinšek, student of the University of Maribor, won the bronze medal and was the most successful of the Slovenian students. 

At the first part of the 27th Winter Universiade that was hosted by Slovakia in Osrblie and Štrbske Pleso, Slovenia only had representatives in ski jumping. Miran Zupančič (ŠC Novo mesto) placed the highest as the sixth. The last competitive day of the first part of the 27th Winter Universiade in Slovakia ended with the ski jumpers team competition. “The final 6th place is a real indicator of strength at the competition. All three ski jumpers have shown at least one good jump. With somewhat longer jumps and a bit of luck, we could have been in the hunt for 4th place.” said Jan Družina, the main escort to the ski jumpers, after the competition. Russians won the gold medal, second and third went to the Japanese and Poles. 

In Granada, twelve athletes competed in four different sports. The best result was achieved on the last day of the university games by Filip Mlinšek (University of Maribor, FS) who won the bronze medal in the male slalom. “I am happy I succeeded in defending 3rd place and winning the bronze medal at the Universiade” said Filip Mlinšek after reaching the finish. 

The prevailing majority of medals at this Universiade was won by Russians who in total won 56 medals, of these 20 gold, 18 silver, and 18 bronze. The second place in terms of total medals was won by Northern Korea which won 16 medals, of these 13 were for the short track skating. Third place went to the university team from Kazakhstan which in total won 11 medals. With Filip Mlinšek’s bronze medal, Slovenia placed 21st.  

The list of students from the University of Ljubljana who competed at the 27th Winter Universiade: 

  Name Surname Sport University member
1 Žiga MANDL Ski jumping Faculty of Administration
2 Andraž POGRAJC Ski jumping Faculty of Economics
3 Daša GRM Figure skating Faculty of Sport
4 Pina UMEK Figure skating Faculty of Sport
5 Jakob ŠPIK Alpine skiing Faculty of Law
6 Jure ČAS Alpine skiing Faculty of Sport
7 Anja KRIVEC Freestyle skiing Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
8 Lovrenc KOLENC Freestyle skiing Faculty of Architecture
9 Žiga KOVAČIČ Freestyle skiing Faculty of Arts


The participation of Slovenian student athletes at the 27th Winter Universiade in Štrbske Pleso and Granada was organised by the Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA) in cooperation with the Ski Association of Slovenia and the Slovenian Skating Union. The programme is supported by the Sport Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport

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