Publish Date: 08.04.2015

Category: News from the University

This time the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) is presenting the department of restoration within the Council for Arts at the University of Ljubljana. Until the 30th April 2015 in the Balcony Hall, you can visit a display of restoration projects that were created as diploma theses by Maruša Ličen, Andreja Ravnikar and Saša Stržinar. All of them were awarded for their work with the Prešeren Awards ALUO of the University of Ljubljana.

The numerous participants in the exhibition opening were first greeted by a string trio of female students of the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana, and later welcomed by the rector of the University of Ljubljana Prof. Dr Ivan Svetlik and the ALUO dean, University of Ljubljana Associate Prof. Boštjan Botas Kenda. The head of the Department of Restoration ALUO, University of Ljubljana Associate Prof. Miladi Makuc Semion, presented the work of conservators/restorers and the exhibited works: “Conservation and Restoration are long-term processes that are usually hidden from the public. At exhibitions, we admire the artwork but we do not see the work of the conservators/restorers. Documenting the intervention therefore has an important role in our work, as the image of artworks varies both with time and interventions, while the documentation preserves all the states, at least in the archives. Thus that is the way this exhibition is designed.”

Maruša Ličen chose a so-called “wooden picture” made using marquetry that was designed in 1929 by the Slovenian artist Tone Kralj for a bed headboard. She has consistently followed the rules of the technological craft and the strict principles of the conservation/restoration profession.

Andreja Ravnikar has focused on a method of pictures undergluing with spray glue that represents an innovation in our area and offers a reflection on the different approach for stabilizing a weakened canvas. The basis of her research work was a picture from the church of the Holy Trinity in Ljubljana, “Jesus among his Students”, which required a deepening in the derivation mode of the undergluing conservation process with a great deal of creativity and innovation, while complying with the professional principles of minimalism and intervention reversibility.

Saša Stržinar performed conservation and restoration of the Gothic apside in the parish church in Ribno near Bled, which included a partial reconstruction of the destroyed ribbed arches decoration and headstones. The project was a major organizational, constructional, conservation-restoration and sculptural task and it is a fine example of combining the study of art-historical facts with a knowledge and testing of new materials that allow an easy, persuasive and detachable construction. 

The author of the photographs is Erik Emeršič.