Publish Date: 24.04.2015

Category: News from the University

On Monday 20th April 2015, at the Secondary Medical School in Ljubljana, we watched an exciting conclusion to the Spalding basketball league, University of Ljubljana (UKL) for the academic year 2014/15. The students of the Faculty of Sports twice defeated the students of the Faculty of Economics: in both the male and the female competitions.

The best four teams of the female and male part of the Spalding UKL competed in matches for the first and third places. In both the men’s and women’s competition, the teams of the Faculty of Sports (FS) and the Faculty of Economics (EF) fought for the title of the best in this season. The FS teams were more successful in both competitions and thus ensured the title of champion in both matches. The Faculty of Education (PeF) won third place in the women’s competition, while in the men’s competition, the third place belonged to the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (FKKT).

More about the competition can be found on the website of the Sports Union UL

The author of the photographs is Matej Pušnik.