Publish Date: 21.05.2015

Category: News from the University

Barbara Prinčič, industrial designer and lecturer at the Department for Industrial Design of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (UL ALUO), is one of the winners of the prestigious international A’ Design Award and Competition. She received the gold award in the Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design category for the product 5×5 LED Lamp. 

Prinčič drew inspiration for the awarded work from the idea that one lamp to be used in private space can be a single module for a lighting system in public space. The basic structural part of the lamp is comprised of rhombuses of a 5×5 cm size. The rhomboid shape provides various possibilities for creating lighting systems.

The lamp is an experimental work with LED diodes. The diodes are generally placed on level surfaces, but here are glued to the laser-cut, curved metal sheet plate, which is a technological challenge and innovation. They are covered with white acryl, shaped by a vacuum technology. 

A’ Design Award and Competition is considered the largest and most extensive international design competition in the world. Awards are awarded in a wide range of categories of spatial, industrial, communications, fashion and systemic design as well as for design achievements in the field of art and literature. They are awarded for works that represent the highest level of design, technology and creativity and are a symbol of excellence in design and innovation. 

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PHOTOS BY: Andrej Cvetnič;
Photoshop: Gordan Čuka