Rector prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik and mayor Janković at a job interview

Publish Date: 21.05.2015

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Ljubljana, 21 May 2015 - As part of the Career Centre of the University of Ljubljana - the Hub of Prospective Personnel and Good Employers, the University organised the festival University Goes to the Square, which took place today on Congress Square in front of the University of Ljubljana. At the festival, numerous students presented themselves to more than fifty representatives of employers on city buses that were parked on the square. They established connections in the form of speed dates; the students also practiced how to go through the job interview, they networked and established personal relations and they talked about ideas and possibilities of potential employment. The presentation of the job interview with an employer was performed by the rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik, and the mayor of City of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković.  

The speed dates between students and employers were carried out, instead of traditional interviews behind a table, on city buses that were parked on the Congress Square for this occasion. At the job interviews, the students were introduced to the basics of business etiquette and updated their CV at the Young Experts in Human Resources. They could also update their photo, because they had the opportunity of having their photo taken by a professional at the event. 

“The University Goes to the Square Festival is the third in a row and is becoming more successful each year. This year, fifty employers participated at the festival, which connects students and employers, and it was visited by more than two hundred students, of which 150 received the possibility of trying out job interviews. Every participant had the opportunity to introduce themselves to five representatives of companies and to practice how to go through a job interview, and the feedback from the participants of last year’s event show there were even some good matches that could lead to further cooperation with companies. With events similar to this one, we want to enable students to establish a professional network of relations during their studies that might help them in their future career path,” said Maja Dizdarević, coordinator at the Career Centres of the University of Ljubljana.

Honourable sponsors of the festival were the rector of the University of Ljubljana and the mayor of City of Ljubljana, who themselves joined students in “speed dating” job interviews.   

Mayor of the City of Ljubljana Zoran Janković stated: “My motto is success. Success and enjoyment at your workplace. If you succeed in performing work that fulfils you, then the satisfaction is complete. This has been my strength for 38 years, and I also wish you to achieve this yourselves. I have also mentioned the two questions you should never ask when you come to me for a job interview.” 

The rector of the University of Ljubljana, prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik, also said: ”During my time at the faculty, I used to teach students how to go through a job interview and how to prepare for the interview. Now that I myself have also been put in the role of job seeker, I have found that it might not be so easy. Therefore, I advise all students to actively participate at events such as Elevator Pitch, to build a network of relationships, to strengthen their confidence and to thus build a firm foundation for future, successful job interviews. The event is intended for students to get to know employers who through a first good impression can open doors to a desired position of employment.” As the mayor before him, the rector also emphasised that young people should not only seek employment but real work that will make it possible for them to show everything they can do. 

The presentation of the job interview with the mayor and the rector was carried out by Tine Slabe from D.I.F.F., who commented after the interview: “I see these two are old hands, confident, more than the majority of students, which is very positive. They have clear goals in life, which is also reflected in their positions.” Despite their good, convincing presentation, he did criticise the rector and the mayor somewhat. Slabe emphasised that they did not provide their contact information or business cards, and thus he jokingly added he cannot contact them for further interviews. 


The Festival in the Students’ and Employers’ Words 

Eva Dajčman, Msc in Communications and Student of Law: “Events such as this are an excellent opportunity to test my skills in attending job interviews, and it gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to companies in a way that differs from the traditional approach of sending a CV or a motivational letter. The five companies I had a meeting with today made a good impression on me. I especially appreciate the fact that I immediately received feedback on how I performed, and I also exchanged information with some of them about the possibilities of future cooperation.” 

Matevž Korenč is currently a doctoral candidate in Chemistry at the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, and will soon be defending his thesis and will start performing work in his desired profession. He took advantage of the opportunity given to him in relation to Career Centres: “I answered the University of Ljubljana Career Centres’ call to students to participate in a meeting and speed dates with gazelle companies that took place at the University’s Faculty of Administration in February. As a chemist, I was interested in a company that stated it wanted to personally meet students of chemistry. Now I can say that after successful interviews I am just about to make an agreement about a long-term cooperation that I am very much looking forward to!” 

Barbka Novak, Head of Human Resources at Knauf Insulation: “Our company is constantly on the lookout for young, talented people. We are aware that young people, talented individuals, are the ones who will be creating new stories of success. We are not just interested in formal education but also who the students are, what is on their mind and what their values are. For our future associates, we want to provide an opportunity to present themselves informally and to captivate us with their ideas. The company has already met three new associates at such events, and currently we are looking forward to meeting our new member of the international sales group and a future technologist.”

Rok Zupančič, Head of Human Resources at Telekom Slovenije: “By participating at the festival, we wish to enable young people to experience a job interview and give them as much useful feedback about the effectiveness of their presentation. Participating in such an event is also an interesting experience for us as employers, because it gives us an insight into the thinking and the interests of the coming generations. Following the changes in the labour market and the expectations of young people is important, because it leads into a new way of operating and cooperating and thus represents an important building block in the future, dynamic development of the company.” 

Accompanying photos by Željko Stevanić, IFP, d.o.o. 


The Career Centres project of the University of Ljubljana was co-founded by the European Union, the European Social Fund, and can thus provide the students of the University of Ljubljana free services that can help them obtain competencies for an easier transition to the labour market and gives them the opportunity to get in touch with potential employers during the time of their studies.


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[1] The operation is partially financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The operation is being performed within the framework of the Operational Programme for Developing Human Resources for the 2007-2013 period, priority axis 3: “Development of Human Resources and of Lifelong Learning“ priority orientation 3.3: “Quality, Competitiveness and Responsiveness of Higher Education”.