Publish Date: 25.05.2015

Category: News from the University

Lighting Guerrilla's Laboratory, reinforced by the Finnish grandmaster of lighting Kari Kola, this time strives to realise one of the most demanding projects so far. The ambitious illumination of the park Zvezda in Ljubljana represents the final phase of a several months running workshop that Kari Kola held with students (and their professors) from the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Natural Sciences - the Department of Textiles, Academy of Fine Arts and Design and School of Design and Photography. 

The concept of the illumination stems from the geometry of the park and its flora, where the use of different dynamic light sources and hovering sculptures creates a special kind of ambiental experience. Conceived as a huge open-air installation, the park is thus transformed into a geometrical playground of lights and abstract shapes that constantly change the park's character. 

Visit light heating at the Zvezda Park, Ljubljana from 22 May until 1 June 2015.  

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Photos by Kari Kole.