Publish Date: 15.07.2015

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Ljubljana, 9 July 2015 – Today, at the Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana, the founding meeting of the University of Ljubljana global alumni and associates network (SMUL) took place, at which the members adopted a charter and elected the management for the period of two years. 

University of Ljubljana, celebrating this year its 96th anniversary, ranks among the three per cent of the best universities in the world. The University has set even more ambitious development plans for the next period. Because we believe that linkage brings positive effects, we have created the Global Network of the University of Ljubljana. 

The University of Ljubljana global alumni and associates network, with the shorter name SMUL, links prominent scientists, professors and other eminent personalities who work in the academic, research and development environments outside of Slovenia. It was created as one of the activities for raising quality of study programs, consolidation of international cooperation and reputation of the University of Ljubljana. Most members of the University of Ljubljana global alumni and associates network take active part in the fields of natural and social sciences, humanities, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences. Most members work in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and also in Austria, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway. 

Today, the present members of SMUL elected its president prof. dr. Zlatko Skrbiš from Monash University in Australia, who on occasion of the election said: »The University of Ljubljana as the oldest and internationally most influential Slovenian university exceeded throughout its history its own geographical and cultural area with the impact on the scientific and cultural currents in the world. With the establishment of SMUL the University of Ljubljana recognizes the importance of the role of its graduates, scattered around the world, therefore I see the role of SMUL in the support of the strategic ambitions of the University and in help to create the base for sustainable inclusion of alumni in its development and activities.« 

Hereafter followed the constitution of the Council of SMUL, consisting of four members, namely the President of SMUL prof. dr. Zlatko Skrbiš (Monash University), two members from outside Slovenia prof. dr. Jernej Ule (University College London), prof. dr. Manja Klemenčič (Harvard University) and Vice-Rector of the University of Ljubljana prof. dr. Martin Čopič. They also elected the secretary of SMUL, Rector’s Assistant of the University of Ljubljana M.Sc. Jana Lutovac Lah. 

SMUL will be carrying out its purpose on the basis of the two-year program prepared by the Council on the basis of today's conversation with the present members of SMUL.  

See the video of the founding meeting of SMUL and a discussion on the linking with the University of Ljubljana.
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