Publish Date: 28.09.2015

Category: News from the University


Between 28 September and 1 October, the Faculty of Computer and Information Science is hosting the prestigious international conference ISSEP (International Conference on Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evaluation and Perspectives) and the conference for Slovenian teachers Education and Schooling in the Information Society (VIVID), which will offer in-depth discussions and efficient international examples of teaching computer and information science. The purpose of the conferences is to qualify young people to be creators of information communication technologies, not simply to become new users.

The rest of the world has already recognized the meaning of knowledge and skills in computer and information science for individuals in the 21st century and introduced efficient teaching models, which provide a successful basis for computer literacy of the whole of society. Slovenia is trying to keep up with other countries through various activities and personal engagement, but greater systemization in relation to the issue is required. This means that computer and information science classes must be provided to students and pupils within the compulsory programme from elementary school onwards, which is the case with their peers abroad. The ISSEP conference is proof that educational structures are already at hand.

The conferences, which will be attended by more than 200 domestic and foreign researchers and practitioners in the area of teaching computer science, are organized within the international multi-conference Information Society.

More information about the ISSEP 2015 conference is available at: