Publish Date: 28.10.2015

Category: News from the University

Ljubljana, October 27, 2015 – In the last three years, a total of 5,668 foreign students have enrolled in the University of Ljubljana at all three levels of full-time studying, 431 of whom were from Serbia. Most interest is shown for first and second level studies at the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Administration. We received a total of 4,400 foreign students in exchange programmes over the last three years, 77 of whom came from Serbia, or 2% of all the University of Ljubljana's foreign students. On a yearly basis, approximately 120 students from Serbia enrol in the University of Ljubljana, of which 60 graduate, accounting for 7.5% of all foreign graduates of the university. 

One of the goals of the University of Ljubljana's internationalisation strategy of is to increase student exchange. During the academic years of 2014/2015, 1,613 foreign students opted for a student exchange with the University of Ljubljana. Most of them were from Spain, Portugal, and Poland, while 30 came from Serbia. About 2% of University of Ljubljana students go to Serbia for student exchange each year. However, in the field of study programmes and student exchange, the University of Ljubljana co-operates with many universities in Serbia. 

Miroslav Bosnjak (Faculty of Economy, Novi Sad) spent the winter semester of 2014/2015 in Ljubljana, for the Basileus graduate study exchange programme. “The Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana has a great international programme with more than 10 different study programmes in English. The teachers are open and willing to help, especially if the study subject is related to the subjects offered at the undergraduate study levels.” 

“Ljubljana is a beautiful city with many things that one is yet to discover,” says Miroslav: “For me, living in Ljubljana was something completely different, although Ljubljana does resemble Novi Sad. The castle in the very centre of the city offers a stunning view of the city, while the Tivoli park – one of the favourite places in Ljubljana – offers enough space to run, ride a bike, etc. The night life of Ljubljana is great, with many different clubs and places to go out, so you shouldn’t worry about not finding a “perfect” place for yourself.” 

Internationalisation is one of the strategic goals of the University of Ljubljana, which desires to become an accomplished, recognised, open and excellent research university by 2020. In the spirit of internationalisation and the connectivity and co-operation between students, the University of Ljubljana will be presenting its programmes at the education fair 8. ZVONCE, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 28 October to 1 November 2015.