Publish Date: 13.01.2016

Category: News from the University

The Central Committee of the AUF (L'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie), the Francophone University Agency, accepted the University of Ljubljana as one of its members.  

AUF is becoming one of the largest university networks in the world, with over 820 institutions from more than one hundred countries. The University of Ljubljana is welcoming numerous new opportunities for cooperation, particularly in the Balkans and central Europe, since many universities and faculties from the region are already AUF members (Zagreb, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Skopje, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague). 

In recent years, the Agency has worked intensively on the possibilities of cooperation of technical, natural science, and economics and management faculties, as well as on the integration of universities, institutes and development-oriented companies. In addition to supporting joint research projects, research activity grants and various scholarship schemes, the Agency particularly supports doctoral students and post-doctoral exchange and training programmes.