Publish Date: 29.01.2016

Category: News from the University

Prof. Dr. Ivan Svetlik, Rector of the University of Ljubljana (buyer), Jaroslav Žontar, the Chairman of the Board of Hram Holding financial company, and Sašo Tanko, a Member of the Board of Hram Holding financial company (seller), have formally signed the sales and purchase contract for a land plot on the northern side of the Kazina building in Ljubljana. The University of Ljubljana will hence gain a multi-purpose concert hall along with classrooms and practice rooms that will be used by the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana.

The latter has been trying to solve its lack of space issue for over 7 decades. Now, it is on the cusp of realising a project that will provide suitable working conditions for the only higher education institution covering the entire field of music in the country. “The project is of national importance for the development of Slovenian musical creativity, recreation and music teaching,” believes the Dean of the Academy of Music at the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Andrej Grafenauer. “This is an excellent solution, since the Kazina building is in the vicinity of the Slovenian Philharmonic, the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom and other art academies, thus allowing cooperation and proper independent artistic activity,” adds Prof. Grafenauer.

The Kazina building, which was obtained by the University of Ljubljana last October, is a representative architectural monument standing at the centre of Ljubljana that will gain a wealth of content with the Academy moving in. Initially, the building will have to be structurally examined and a conservation plan commissioned. The first physical intervention will be carried out in the 2nd half of 2016, when all windows on the building will be replaced. An overall renovation of the building requires a building permit, the documents for which are already being prepared.. “With the purchase of the land plot worth €1,710,000, it is planned to build an annex measuring 1,856m2 on the northern side of the Kazina building. The preparation and adoption of a detailed municipal spatial plan, a prerequisite for obtaining a building permit, is expected to be completed within two years. The annex will be subject to an architectural design competition that will be carried out simultaneously with the preparation of the detailed spatial plan,” said Prof. Dr. Ivan Svetlik, Rector of the University of Ljubljana.

A sum of €2,754,056 has been appropriated in budget and credit funds for the land plot purchase and commencement of renovation works on the Kazina building. The renovation of the Kazina building and the construction of the annex is expected to be complete in 2022. After completion of the works, the Academy of Music will be able to implement its entire study programme there. The building will provide premises for practice rooms, lecture rooms and workshops, as well as minor concert halls, while the annex will house a multi-purpose concert hall of around 600 square metres with additional classrooms and practice rooms that cannot be accommodated by the existing Kazina building.

Every year, the Academy of Music holds around 140 public events, mostly free of charge. Academy students have achieved international success, as evident from a great number of international awards. Among them is also the first prize won by Trio Reverie at the recent Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition in Paris and the first prize won by the Contrast brass quintet at the International Jan Koetsier Competition in Munich. Furthermore, Academy students have successful careers after graduation, frequently cooperating with top art institutions in the world. “Therefore, our employees and students deserve appropriate conditions for their activities,” added Prof. Grafenauer upon the signing of the contract.