Publish Date: 30.03.2016

Category: News from the University

The tenth meeting of three academic choirs will be held in Ljubljana on 31 March 2016 at 7:30 pm. These meetings are hosted by Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper, in a different city each year. This year's jubilee event is hosted by the choir of the University of Ljubljana, the Tone Tomšič Academic Choir. The choir, led by Jerica Gregorc Bukovec will be joined by the Maribor Academic Choir led by Tadeja Vulc and by the University of Primorska Academic Choir led by Mirko Ferlan at the Antonov dom in Vič. Entrance is free of charge.

All three Slovenian universities are well aware that singing brings people together. Each one has an established and successful academic choir: the Academic Choir from the University of Primorska, the Maribor Academic Choir and Tone Tomšič Academic Choir of the University of Ljubljana.

For the Tone Tomšič Academic Choir of the University of Ljubljana, this year's season started with a new conductor Jerica Gregorc Bukovec. They held a number of concerts in the first half of the season. After finishing the introductory part of the season, they recorded a presentation program at the end of January with RTV Slovenia. In 2016, they are continuing with presenting their new program at concerts throughout the year.

Everyone interested is cordially invited to all upcoming concerts, especially the annual concert at the 90th anniversary of Tone Tomšič.