Publish Date: 07.10.2016

Category: News from the University

Today, this year's generation of freshmen of the University of Ljubljana solemnly entered the 2016/2017 academic year at the traditional Freshmen Welcome event. All 26 faculties and academies of the University of Ljubljana presented themselves on the main stage. The Rector of the University of Ljubljana Dr. Ivan Svetlik, President of the Student Council of the University of Ljubljana Jan Kukoves, the President of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana Dr. Janez Hribar and the major of Ljubljana Zoran Jankovič offered some encouraging words to the students at this important threshold. 

The Rector of the University of Ljubljana Prof. Dr. Ivan Svetlik has fond memories of his freshman days: "I wasn't afraid of anything; I only had high expectations for new knowledge and experience. I knew this was the right path to independence and adulthood. I can speak from experience when I say that your studies are very important. But joke aside - maybe even the most important thing in the world while your extra-curricular activities are the most important leisure activity in the world." 

Approximately 40.000 students will be enrolled at the University of Ljubljana in the 2016/2017 academic year, which includes nearly 9.000 freshmen. There are almost two thousand foreigners enrolled in all three study levels, while more than 1400 are exchange students for the first semester. The final information on the number of enrolled students will be available on October 30 2016. 

The guests were able to follow a diverse programme that included music, singing and dancing. Featured performances by Tilen Artač, Mažorete Laško, Jernej Kozan, France Marolt Academic Folklore Group, dancing couple Anton Volkov and Anja Furlan, Trombone Connection from the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana and Marina Mårtensson Trio. Tilen Artač, violoncellist, imitator, satirist, TV host and Ježek Award Winner finished his studies in 2007 and remembers his entry into the student life with a hint of nostalgia: "The selection of the Faculty and study course is of course very important, but I think it's even more important to spend time with your peers during your study and to meet new people. Yes, we had fun when I was 18 years young. Maybe I was a bit too young for the responsible role of a freshman." 

The event ended at 8 PM with a concert by CoverLover. The most tenacious could continue to socialize at the welcoming party at the Student Campus, with Plavi Orkestar performing.


Photos by IFP, d.o.o.