Publish Date: 06.03.2017

Category: News from the University

The Regional Platform Council for Benchmarking and Cooperation in Higher Education and Research held a meeting on the first Friday in March. The Platform currently brings together 11 universities from the Western Balkans. Namely, these are the University of Banja Luka, University of Belgrade, University of Montenegro, University of Durrës from Albania, Goce Delčev University of Štip, St. Clement of Ohrid University of Bitola, University of Ljubljana, University of Novi Sad, University of Priština, University of Tirana and the University of Zagreb. 

The operations of the Platform focus primarily on the development and promotion of cooperation as well as on the preparation of joint activities in PhD studies. The purpose of the meeting was to inform Platform representatives of the activities performed while working towards an agreement on the action plan for next year. Joint lists of potential mentors and PhD committee members will be prepared shortly, along with lists for research equipment. The lists will be published on the websites of the Platform members. The Platform also calls for joint PhD programmes, which are in preparation.