Publish Date: 08.03.2017

Category: News from the University

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana (UL FDV) has opened the Korea Corner at the East Asia Resource Library (EARL). The Korea Corner is now located on the 1st floor of the Faculty, in the Jože Goričar Central Social Sciences Library (ODKJG) and is open to public. Library materials may be borrowed by all members of ODKJG. 

The official speaker, Dr. Zlatko Šabič, Prof., Vice Dean of the UL FDV for International Cooperation, has stressed the meaning of the Korea Corner for study and research work, which will further broaden the knowledge of Korea and Slovenia alike, and contribute to faster mutual cooperation. Dr. Gregor Perko, Prof., Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana (UL FF), which cooperates with UL FDV in the East Asia Resource Library project, stressed the importance of preserving the tradition of Korean Study Days, which are organized by the Department of Asian Studies of UL FF. MSc. Mirjam Kotar, Head of ODKJG and EARL coordinator, described the scope and the meaning of the equipment and materials donation, which open up new study and research horizons for the whole UL by providing access to two text corpora. 

The opening was followed by two highly-attended lectures about Korean companies in the Central Europe and about the POSCO (Europe Steel Distribution Center) representation in Europe. 

Korean Studies Days will continue with lectures, which will take place the next two Fridays, 10 and 17 March 2017. Read more about the events on the UL FDV web site.