Publish Date: 26.05.2017

Category: News from the University

University of Ljubljana's partner university, the KU Leuven, awarded its honorary medal for outstanding achievement in the field of humanities and social sciences to the university's rector, Prof. Dr. Ivan Svetlik, on account of major contributions towards cooperation between the institutions.

KU Leuven bestows two academic recognitions, the honorary doctorate and the honorary medal. The honorary doctorate is awarded for major scientific breakthrough or for outstanding political or cultural achievement. The honorary medal recognizes contributions to the cooperation between faculties and universities, and exceptional academic or social accomplishment in general. It is awarded by the faculties of humanities and social sciences, each of which may bestow one medal annually. Additionally, all the faculties of the humanities and social sciences together may award a medal to an individual who showed exemplary service to the academic field. This year, the recipient of the honour was Prof. Dr. Ivan Svetlik, Rector of the University of Ljubljana.

Photo by: Foto studio NORA