Publish Date: 15.03.2018

Category: News from the University

Yesterday, within the network of European research-intensive universities, The Guild, the University of Ljubljana hosted the international conference titled ‘Spreading Excellence, Enhancing Synergies: Perspectives from South-East Europe’. At the centre of the conference was the debate about the instruments of the Horizon 2020 (Teaming, Twinning, Era-Chair, Cost, MSCS widening Fellowship) with the focus on inclusion of the countries of the South-East Europe or the Eastern Balkans into these programmes.

The main aim of the conference was to exchange experiences between The Guild network members and the universities of South-Eastern Europe in securing financial programmes, enhancing synergies between the Framework Programmes and the Structural Funds, and propositions for increasing excellence in research, innovation and education. The representatives of the European Commission, the members of The Guild network, other universities and the Slovene Ministry of Education, Science and Sport were also discussing the recommendations for the 9th Framework Programme on boosting excellence. ‘The fruit of intensive cooperation between members of the network is evident in today's process of adapting the structure of the 9th Framework Programme –FP9. It is important that we discuss different topics and share views on diminishing research and innovation disparities between European countries and regions. The Guild is one of the most important international association of universities, in which the University of Ljubljana is participating. The University was also one of the first to join the network upon its funding about a year and a half ago,’ said the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr. Igor Papič.

‘Increasing gaps in research and innovations between the European countries and regions is a big problem, which the European Commission is aware of, since we should ensure the EU's quality of research in science and its sustainability. The conference gathered quite a number of stakeholders, who have the knowledge to tackle such a challenge. We will study the factors which lead to the problem and will find a few solutions, which we will share with the European Commission,’ said Prof. Jan Palmowski, the General Secretary of The Guild before the beginning of the conference.

The University of Ljubljana became a member of the network of the European research-intensive universities, The Guild, on 21 November 2016. The network is designed to boost the cooperation of the leading European universities in research and education. The members of The Guild are committed to the sharing of knowledge, experiences and good practices, to cooperation with the political environment, and private, and public institutions. The network's objective is to improve public debate and boost excellence in higher education.

Photos by Foto studio NORA