Publish Date: 05.12.2018

Category: News from the University

University of Ljubljana Rector Prof. Igor Papič bestowed certificates of recognition for outstanding academic success on University students. The recipients are the top students of their generation. 

The academic achievements of the recipients surpass the usual study work, with some of the students having already published their works internationally. They have also garnered success by competing in or even winning international competitions. “One of the results of your work should be a personal maturing, reflected in your responsible approach to work, people and the environment. After all, employers are especially appreciative of dedicated individuals who are willing and able to surpass the minimum standards, who have already proven themselves through their efforts, and who are socially responsible,” said Prof. Igor Papič, Rector of the University of Ljubljana, in his opening address to the students. Since those receiving certificates of recognition are among the University’s top students, the Rector expressed a wish that at least some of them pursue a career at the University and contribute to it becoming an even more prominent, internationally open and superb research institution.

This was the career path chosen by the keynote speaker Prof. Iztok Turel from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana: “I remember when I was your age. While studying, I wasn’t quite sure where my path would take me. Before I completed my studies, I received the University’s Prešeren Award and I began thinking more seriously that an academic career might be the path for me. I was given the opportunity of employment at the University and I took it. The combination of teaching and research thrilled me.” Prof. Turel says he has never regretted his decision.

The 2018 recipients of certificates of recognition for the best student achievements at the University of Ljubljana are:

Tajda Klobučar, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana
Leo Ajdinović, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Tanja Istenič, PhD, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Sabina Pokovec, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Nina Dragičević, Faculty of Social Sciences
Kaja Primorac, Faculty of Social Sciences
Gašper Podobnik, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Rok Šikonja, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Juš Kosmač, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Sara Pia Marinček, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Žan Pirc, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Matej Kirn, Faculty of Administration
Valentina Pezdir, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Katja Kovše, Faculty of Education
Eva Lederer, Faculty of Education
Žan Ternik, Faculty of Education
Jasmina Koračin, Veterinary Faculty
Aljaž Iskra, Faculty of Health Sciences 

Photos from the event are available here.
All photos were taken by Foto studio NORA d.o.o.