Publish Date: 06.12.2018

Category: News from the University

University of Ljubljana Rector Prof. Igor Papič bestowed recognitions on University students for their special achievements and taking an active part in extracurricular activities.


“Youare here today because you have accomplished far more than is required by your studies and work. You achieve excellent results at international competitions, educate the public, bring students closer to potential employers, organise international gatherings, help people in need, successfully coordinate your study and sports careers, and much more,” Prof. Igor Papič, University of Ljubljana Rector, said in summarising the extracurricular achievements of our students. Although studying itself is an excellent foundation, the skills acquired by students outside conventional teaching practices are very important not only for a successful career, but also for life in general. The University of Ljubljana therefore offers extracurricular activities in sports, art and culture, volunteering and charity, welfare and social activities, health and environment protection, and research and science.

“It is often said that “the future lies in today’s youth”, but it also needs to be said that the University grows stronger with the successes achieved by its students. On occasions such as today’s, all of us who, together with you, form the University of Ljubljana community, are therefore immensely proud of your extraordinary results,” students present were told by the keynote speaker Assoc. Prof. Vasilka Sancin of the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. She concluded her speech with three wishes:

“1. Nurture your ambition with care and let nothing ever present an insurmountable challenge to you, no matter where.

2. Waste no time, invest your creative and research energy prudently, so when it comes to questions already solved by others, ask them to help you. Collaboration with and the contribution of others in no way diminish the significance of your result and success.

3. Share your knowledge and experience, and pass them on to younger generations – you serve as a shining example and so use this exceptional potential to inspire others and enhance your superlative achievement even further.

The 2018 recipients of recognitions for special achievements and active participation in extracurricular activities are:

Klara Gruden, Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana for musical achievements at international competitions.

A group of students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana (Simon Bregar, Eva Garibaldi, Lin Gerkman, Jakob Koncut and Tjaša Mužina) for their film entitled Utopia by Design (Oblikovana utopija), which was part of the cultural and arts programme prepared for the national celebration in honour of Independence and Unity Day.

Slovenian Medical Students’ International Committee Ljubljana for the project entitled For Life (Za življenje), which raises awareness about the tremendous importance of first aid.

The EESTEC Association, which has for years been organising events that enable students of technical and other professions to acquaint themselves with current events in technical spheres.

The Society of Young Geographers of Slovenia for their contribution to motivating students to pursue their studies, to reinforce and deepen the knowledge gained during studies, and to enhance the reputation of the Department of Geography and the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

Members of the Reception Committee of the 40th Annual EPSA Congress (Nejc Klopčič, Martin Koprivnikar Krajnc, Stefan Lukić, Rok Milošič, Polona Mihelj Reščič, Danaja Rode, Emanuela Senjor, Neža Trpin, Matjaž Weiss) for organising the international congress with over 460 attendees.

Staša Frank for her work in the field of psychiatric and psychosocial help in Slovenia and abroad.

A group of students of the Faculty of Social Work and Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television of the University of Ljubljana (Lina Akif, Neja Berger, Sara Ivanov, Klemen Ličen, Tadej Plečko, Gaja Stibilj, Anja Tajenšek, Matic Valič) for the project entitled Uncovering dementia through artistic means of expression – ArtDem (Odstiranja demence z uporabo umetniških izraznih sredstev – ArtDem).

Urša Bogataj from the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, for successfully combining her career as a top ski jumper and an above-average student.

Helena Grbec from the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, for her extracurricular participation at and outside the Faculty.

Živa Jakšič Ivačič from the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, for her participation in the Faculty and University Senate, committees and student representative bodies.

Photos from the event are available here.
All photos were taken by Foto studio NORA d.o.o.