Publish Date: 03.12.2018

Category: News from the University

During the University of Ljubljana Week, the University awarded recognitions to 18 members of the professional staff. We can take pride in our numerous successes when it comes to winning projects of the European Research Council, high-quality study programmes, the fact that we take care of the career development of our students and employees, and many more accomplishments, and this success is largely due to our professional staff.

Of around 5,800 employees in total, the University of Ljubljana employs over 1,900 professional staff. “Although we do not highlight this often enough, we are extremely aware that the work at the University would be impossible without you,” said Prof. Igor Papič, Rector of the University, when addressing the recipients of the recognition.

The audience was also addressed by last year’s recipient of this recognition, Marjana Slobodnik: “Recently, I was told by one of my teaching colleagues that the work of professional services is important because it lays the foundation necessary for effective decision-making of the teaching and science colleagues at the University. This is true, and furthermore, I estimate that the successful functioning and development of the University, and of higher education studies, depend greatly on the many quite direct, autonomous decisions and activities undertaken by professional services active at the Rectorate and member faculties.” She also pointed out that the number of professional staff are growing, as are their significance and influence in higher education. This certainly applies to the University of Ljubljana; in accordance with the University’s Statutes, members of professional staff participate in managing the University, as they are involved in the academic assemblies and management boards at member faculties. They also take part in elections for the position of Rector. The current Rector, Prof. Igor Papič PhD, is the first rector for whom professional staff members also cast their vote in the elections.

In 2018, recognitions for professional staff of the University of Ljubljana were awarded to:

  • Mojca Žugelj Marič, Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana
  • Ljuba Primožič Vrhovac, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana
  • Smiljana Zajec, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
  • Marjanca Rebernik, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
  • Aleš Kolenko, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana
  • Jasna Bevk MSc, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana
  • Marjana Kovačič, Faculty of Social Work, University of Ljubljana
  • Simona Peklar, Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana
  • Andrej Dejan Akoth Owaga, Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana
  • Nataša Ferderber, Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana
  • Igor Repac, Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana
  • Marina Cimprič, Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana
  • Fanika Krajnc-Vrečko PhD, Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana
  • Franci Turk, Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana
  • Renata Bogataj Špenko, Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana
  • Staška Mrak Jamnik Msc, Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana
  • Tjaša Nabergoj, Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana
  • Zdenka Krivenko, Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana

Photos from the event are available here.
All photos were taken by Foto studio NORA d.o.o.