Publish Date: 14.02.2019

Category: News from the University

At the invitation of the European Parliament Information Office in Slovenia, students from the University of Ljubljana participated in the European Youth Event, together with young people from other EU countries. The aforementioned event was held at the European Parliament’s seat in Brussels. The University of Ljubljana was represented by students from the Faculty of Economics, the Biotechnical Faculty, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering.

Consumer rights were the common theme of this year’s event. Students were divided into three groups, each with their own topic, and attempted to find an answer to one of three questions posed within a chosen group. The first group’s questions related to the issue of genetically modified organisms (genetically modified food, the use of pesticides and meat production), while the second group’s questions related to technological development (problems associated with digitalisation, global digitalisation and the protection of personal data in a digital world). The third group’s questions concerned the topic of informing consumers (information regarding production, the purchase of cheaper products and corporate globalisation).

Student were required to put forth as many solutions as possible during the first round. During the second round, they were asked to narrow their selection to the three best solutions and present them to the other students within the same group who searched for answers to other questions. The best responses to all three questions regarding the given topics were selected by voting, and presented before Member of the European Parliament, Dr Igor Šoltes, and the members of other groups during the conclusion of the event.