Publish Date: 16.09.2019

Category: News from the University

On the occasion of the centenary of the University of Ljubljana the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (UL FMF) invites you to the photo exhibition in Jakopič's avenue in Tivoli (Ljubljana) until January 15, 2020. 

The exhibition is the central event organized by UL FMF on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the University of Ljubljana. The exhibited photos graphically display motives from mathematics and physics; the uncovering of nature is portrayed through processes of scientific research as a quest for aesthetic tendencies of the world hidden to the eye. The authors of the pictures are scientists and artists who have depicted their own work and put it on display in an open public space where everybody can vicariously relive their scientific and artistic commitment. With this exhibition, the teachers, researchers, and staff of UL FMF publically present our tribute to the University of Ljubljana and wish it a long and prolific life.